miniFILM Festival

The first film festival in Spain to promote the use of mobile devices and digital cameras for short film productions.


Back in 2006, emerging media such as mobile phones and digital cameras changed users’ approach to photography and film production. For the first time, an accessible tool let any and all to produce movies. To give these new filmmakers a place in the audiovisual scene, from my organization Colectivo Piloto we created the first “miniFILM Festival,” in the city of Barcelona.

For over four years, from 2006 to 2009, I lead the “miniFILM Festival” and innovative event which promoted the creative use of mobile devices. The high participation, throughout Europe and South America, not only tells us about the needs, but also the capabilities of mobile phone users to experiment with their devices. The way the participants used their tiny cameras and personal devices were indeed creative and ingenious. The following video of Júlia Cruz can exemplify this creativity:

miniMETRAJES 2006: Joy Searching by Júlia Cruz, Spain from Colectivo Piloto.

Each year, the best productions are screened in the city of Barcelona, and prizes are awarded to the winners of each sections: Documentary, Narrative and Video Art.

The miniFilm Festival on the Media

Cultural Industries: Pocket Size Film Director

“Colectivo Piloto promotes new technologies in art by organizing the first mini film festival”

By Laura Fernández. Barcelona. February, 2006. 

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You can watch the best “miniFILMS” on Vimeo Channel.