El Culebron del Barri

Dynamic narrative Web Series produced by teenagers.

El Culebron del Barri”(Melodrama in the Neighborhood) is an educational project promoted by the Barcelona City Council where more than 100 teenagers were cast by the Colectivo Piloto to participate in the shooting, and learned the craft of filmmaking from both behind and in front of the camera.

I consider to mention that “El Culebron del Barri” was a really important precedent for kdm;), a similar educational project that I designed and lead a year after I done with this. For this reason I recommend to read about kdm;) as an educational project here, to understand better the whole experience about these kind of projects I developed.

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The audiovisual results of “El Culebron del Barri” have to be understand as a product of an educational process instead a commercial series. But “El Culebron del Barri” also revealed some authentic young talents; script writers, sound engineers and actors, among others. The commitment of these inexperienced teenagers was astonishing and resulted in a very enriching experience for them. They ended up creating a comical, but also very professional story that was screened in small theaters and community centers of the city of Barcelona.


This is one of the episodes of “El Culebron del Barri” on Myspace. (You can watch all the episodes of “El Culebron” from here).

This project captured the attention of the media and became a model to follow for a new generation of motivated and entrepreneurial youth looking to have their voices heard in the audiovisual field.


Watch all episodes of “El Culebron del Barri” on My Space.