Let’s Talk About Human Rights

During the After School Program at West Preparatory Academy in Harlem New York City, Students have interviewed each other about the meaning of Human Rights.

The following interview fragments have been an important piece to define the topics and contents developed by the students during the 2017/18 program.

As a result, the students developed a series of activities around issues such as gender equality, Rights of the Child, democracy, immigration, diversity and racism among others.

The program has ended with a visit to the United Nations Headquarters and the realization of several short documentaries to defend and promote Human Rights.

Let’s Talk About Human Rights – West Prep Academy from Colectivo Piloto on Vimeo.


Branding and Graphic Design for kmd;) Web Series

kdm;) is a humorous Web Series produced by teenagers and broadcasted online.

I conducted the branding process for this educational project, working in the concept and the graphic design.

kdm;) was an educational project designed by Colectivo Piloto and sponsored by the Barcelona City Council, where more than seventy teens have been selected to learn the craft of filmmaking, from pre-production to post-production. Through a series of workshops, they were given the necessary tools to produce “kdm;)”. The project was developed between 2009 and 2012.


The idea was to design something easily understandable for young people. The contraction ‘kdm’ is a commonly messaging term used by teens in Spain, something like: We hang out?

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Website Graphic & Concept

This is the mockup for kdm;) website Casting application. The graphic should reflect an educational project, but at the same time it had to be sufficiently attractive to youth audiences.


Graphic Materials

In all the communication materials I used circular structure. This shape communicates one of the most important points within the youth community: the desire to be accepted and included in the group.

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I also design this circular model for teens to find an easy way to write the Web Series´ storytelling:


You can learn more about kdm;) as an Educational Project in this interesting post.


Branding and Graphic Design for ELECTROFILMIKA

ELECTROFILMIKA brings together cinematography and live electronic music in an event that transcends time and generations.

The event is happening simultaneously in New York City and Barcelona, and is promoted by Colectivo Piloto.

I did the branding for ELECTROFILMIKA and the graphic design for its website. Currently I design all the graphic and photographic materials to promote the event.


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Website Graphic & Concept

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Graphic Materials

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Vídeo Promotion

ELECTROFILMIKA Promo Fall Sessions 2015 from Colectivo Piloto.

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