Hot Wax at The Graham (Brooklyn)

Hot Wax at The Graham (Brooklyn) July, 2017

Shakiem (Hot Wax)
Ant & Surv (Hot Wax)
Giovani (Trilogy)
Todd Fatjo

Eli-Q (Trilogy)

Hot Wax (An All Vinyl Affair)
The Graham (Brooklyn)

Pablo Herrera (Electrofilmika)

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TRILOGY Showcase at Halcyon the Shop + GIO’s Bday Celebration at TBA Brooklyn

Trilogy NYC Showcase at Halcyon the Shop (Brooklyn 6.23.2017) and Record Label Celebration at TBA (Brooklyn 6.23-24.2017)

Giovani (Trilogy) – NYC
Denite (Redlight/Diynamic/Get Physical) – Berlin
Dave Gomez (Lame Insult) – Colombia
Berny Burns (Inscene) – NYC
Sonico (Techsounds/Naked Lunch) – Colombia
Til (The Chosen Two/Powder&Louder) – Berlin

Visual Artists:
Laura Ramirez (Optika VJ) – Colombia
VJ Eli-Q (Trilogy) – NYC

Special Thanks:
Halcyon the Shop
TBA Brooklyn

Pablo Herrera (Electrofilmika) – NYC

Løt te – Ultra Vires (Official Video) [New York Trax 05]

Protest at Gezi Park and Taksim, Istanbul, Turkey, 2013 (Tom Palmers, Leo Rokita)
Brooklyn and Manhattan, New York (recording by Pablo Herrera, locations by Nicole Gier)

Pablo Herrera (Electrofilmika)
Nicole Gier (New York Trax)

The fifth record on NEW YORK TRAX is by Løt.te, the Turkish-born, Brooklyn-based DJ, producer and designer affiliated with The Bunker New York by virtue of two well-received vinyl releases. This politically charged EP titled ‘State of Exception’ is Løt.te’s personal reflection on the current social and political climate in Turkey. The opening ‘Ultra Vires’ is a relentless synth-driven warehouse track mercilessly rolling at the speed of 140BPM.

Record Store Day at Halcyon the Shop

Record Store Day at Halcyon the Shop – 2017 from Pablo Herrera on Vimeo.

DJs: MARITE – TOMAS STATION – PAUL RAFFAELE – TODD SINES – HENRY CHOW – CONNIE YIN – BORIS BRENECKI – RTMC – DAKINI 9 – OCTO-OCTA. Music on the video: Stelios Vassiloudis – Green In Blue (One Of Them Remix) Bedrock Records – 2014. Marite – NYC Techno Podcast 078 – 2017. Henry Chow vs. Sasha Braver man – As You Like It – Shit Show 3 Podcast #2 – 2014. Runaway Runway Mix – Connie Yin aka conStar – 2010. Dakini 9 – Nepenthe EP – Plan B Recordings – 2016. Octo Octa – New Paths – Single On Argot – 2017. Shot and Edited by Pablo Herrera – RSD – Halcyon The Shop – 2017.

Electrofilmika – KIMTAMA + dR Crapstasy – rhNeg (Original Mix) – 2015

KIMTAMA + dR Crapstasy – rhNeg (Original Mix) – 2015 – Films: Grandma’s Movies by Elizabeth Roberts – 1960 – 1963 – 1969. Edited by Pablo Herrera – 2017.

FILM: Grandma’s Movies by Elizabeth Roberts – 1960 – 1963 – 1969. Film Format: Super 8 & 8mm film, silent, color. Circa: mid 1960 – mid 1969.

MUSIC: Kimtama – Orion (Midnight Mix) 2015. Sonny Kim aka Kimtama is a DJ and music producer based in New York City. His music is a perfect combination of techno and experimental darks and sonorous recordings.

EDITION: Pablo Herrera. Argentinian music producer and filmmaker based in New York City. His music stems directly from his experience as a filmmaker, combining contrasting techno rhythms and house melodies.

Electrofilmika – Film, Digital Art & Advanced Music: FacebookTwitterInstagramSoundCloud.

NYC Five Boroughs – 1,000 Facebook Page Likes

Video made to celebrate the 1,000 Facebook Page Likes for New York City Five Boroughs digital Archive Project. (On the video: Words of Lou Reed, Blue In The Face -1995. Music: The Rice Twins – Can I Say – Kompakt – Total 8 – 2007. Edited Pablo Herrera (2017.)

New York City Five Borough is a digital archive of the most common things happening around us in the city everyday. Follow NYC Five Boroughs on Facebook.