Electrofilmika. Detroit Techno

DETROIT TECHNO. Footage: Detroit Autoshow Commercial – 1960. Park Avenue Hotel Implosion – Detroit, MI – Filmed by DJI Phantom 2 Drone – Demolition – 2015. Abandoned Michigan Central Train Station – Detroit, MI – Filmed by DJI Phantom 2 Drone – 2015. Detroit Drone. John Marton – Packard Plant, Eastown Theater, and Fisher Body Plant – 2015. The Vacant Pontiac – Silverdome – Detroiturbex.com – 2014. Detroit, City On The Move – Detroit’s 1968 Olympic bid – 1965. Detroit Remember When II. Detroit Public Television – 2009. Fifty Years of Cars – Future, Classic & Vintage Cars -Anniversary Parade, – Detroit 1946. Fisher Body Builds for General Motors – 1950. The abandoned skyscrapers of Detroit. The Telegraph – 2013. How The American Dream Went Wrong In Detroit. Journeyman Pictures – Producedby ABC Australia – 2013. Kraftwerk – Minimum-Maximum – Live – 2009. Music by: Detroit Techno Militia – The Grid – Episode 55 – October 2015. Compiled and Edited by: Pablo Herrera – 2017.

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NEW YORK TRAX – Label Showcase at Halcyon the Shop

NEW YORK TRAX showcase at halcyon the shop featuring the label’s two solid selectors: Boris Brenecki and Richard Hinge. Music in the video: Boris Brenecki – The Oven [New York Trax 02] and Dawid Dahl – Krig [New York Trax Imports 01]. Production: Pablo Herrera of Colectivo Piloto – thecplab.

Music on the Subway

Music reportage. Discovering the best musicians of the New York City Subway.

Via Colectivo Piloto


New York City subway system is one of the world’s largest. Its stations, corridors and trains are full of talented artists, particularly musicians. We see them, we listen to them, sometimes we even give them money. But who are they? What are their dreams, their expectations?

Via a Facebook page, Twitter, Instagram, and Vimeo, Colectivo Piloto wants to give these artists the renown they deserve in the hope of making them more familiar to us; everyday straphangers.

In a long term, “Music on the Subway” turns into an extended chronicle of the NYC subways hidden talents.
If you are one of them, Colectivo Piloto wants to hear from you.

ELECTROFILMIKA Cinematography and Live Electronic Music

ELECTROFILMIKA brings together cinematography and live electronic music in an event that transcends time and generations.

Film screenings with live music present great opportunities for audience members to discover or rediscover masterpieces of the cinema and, for electronic musicians, to express their creativity and generate visual and sounding atmospheres.

ELECTROFILMIKA is happening simultaneously in New York City and Barcelona, and is promoted by Colectivo Piloto.

You can watch all videos from ELECTROFILMIKA on Vimeo Channel, on follow the event in Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and SoundCloud.

ELECTROFILMIKA La Jetèe (Chris Marker) Score by Dr Drodsky (Live #1) from Colectivo Piloto.

Detroit · Berlin · New York

New York City (February 2016)


This Live DJ&Film Set I did at Cantina Royal, Williamsburg, embodies the artistic relationship between Detroit, Berlin, and New York through a compilation of documentaries and films produced during the Cold War. The score includes Techno, Progressive, and House.

I compiled classic films such as Bullit of Peter Yates (1968), the exceptional film documentary Detroit Riot (1967), footage of Berlin after the SWW, TV Commercials and music videos.

This session is also available on Mixcloud

ELECTROFILMIKA Detroit · Berlin · New York, Pablo Herrera (Full Session) at Cantina Royal NYC from Colectivo Piloto.