Food Collect Campaign for The Red Cross

Food Collect Video Campaign for the Red Cross Catalonia “Un Cop de Mà”.

Via Colectivo Piloto

Part of the Red Cross’ food & nutrition program is dedicated to food collection and its distribution to the communities in needs; especially the very young and the elderly.

This campaign targeted disadvantaged elderly from the region of Catalonia, east of Spain. I was assigned to manage both pre-production and post-production of three spots showing the needs of this particular part of the population and the accomplishments of the Red Cross in keeping their dignity by providing them with food.

It was an honor for my Organization, Colectivo Piloto, and myself to feel part of this accomplishment by following the Red Cross Catalonia team in their mission and conveying their message in images.

Food Collect Campaign, Red Cross Catalonia (#1) from Colectivo Piloto.

You can watch all spots of the Food Collect Campaign “Un Cop de Mà” on Vimeo Channel.

Bluedata International Institute

Promotional video for Bluedata International Institute, New York City.

Bluedata International Institute provides a quality learning experience and an opportunity for international students to learn English for personal, academic, and professional purposes while experiencing American culture in New York City.

Bluedata International Institute (New York City) Corporate Video from Colectivo Piloto.

Pi(e) day at the Brooklyn Public Library

Promotional spot for the Four & Twenty Blackbirds opening ceremony on Pi(e) Day at the Central Brooklyn Public Library.

The opening of a new coffee shop by Four & Twenty Blackbirds at the Grand Central Brooklyn Public Library on Pi Day is another sign of the effort of the Brooklyn Public Library system to transform its branches to more than simple studies or work areas.

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The spot “Pi(e) day at the Library” celebrates the Brooklyn Public Library and the Four & Twenty Blackbirds’ initiative of bringing together culture and gastronomy. It helps to promote the idea of libraries as places where creativity, inspiration and collaboration are thriving among the community.

Pi(e) day at the Brooklyn Public Library from Pablo Herrera.