kdm;) Web Series

kdm;) is a humorous Web Series produced by teenagers and broadcasted online.

kdm;) is the second part of “El Culebron del Barri”, an educational project to develop a Web Series with teens sponsored by the Barcelona City Council.

I designed and lead kdm;), a project where more than seventy teens from Barcelona were selected to learn the craft of filmmaking, from pre-production to post-production.

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Through a series of workshops, teens were given the necessary tools to produce “kdm;)”. Over the course of two years, from 2010 to 2012, The Colectivo Piloto’s team that I lead helped them with the coordination of casting, acting, script writing, decoration set design, hair and makeup, lighting, filming, editing and broadcasting.

The following images explain the structure of the project. The structure took to years to be completed.

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Phase #1, Preliminary: Research and Teamwork

First of all my team of educators and I selected some teens to create an strong teamwork to develop the project. With this Motor Team we designed the project, from the brand to the strategy to developed the casting process.

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Phase #2. Pre-production 1: Castings and Production Design

The Motorteam of kdm;) create the strategies to attract young people to participate in the project. First of all they made a series of videos to promote the online casting in each craft of filmmaking: screenwriting, acting, camera and light department, makeup, art department, sound design and soundtrack. More than 200 teens uploaded their casting to participate. 70 of them were selected to develop the project.

kdm;) Promo Casting from kdm;) La Web Serie.

Phase #3. Pre-production 2: Training and Creative Workshops

This phase was conducted in two stages. The first one was focus on training, where a team of 10 educators taught all the craft of filmmaking to the teens selected during 3 months.

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This is a video (in Spanish)about the Outdoor Camera Workshop:

kdm;) Taller de Imagen: Outdoor Light from kdm;) La Web Serie.

In the second stage, all the teens participants created the Web Serie, from the screenwriting to the shooting.

This is a video (in Spanish and Catalan) about the characters creating:

kdm:) Taller de Interpretación: Los personajes from kdm;) La Web Serie.

Phase #4. Production: Shooting

In this phase the students have had the opportunity to put in practice everything they had learned in the previous phases.

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kdm;) on the Media

BCN Crea: A Web Series at Sant Andreu Borough

“Teens from different cultures are involved in a process to create a Web Series called kdm;), where they express their point of view on multiculturalism, drugs, sex and the future”.

By Óscar Moronda. La Vanguardia, Barcelona. May 20, 2012.


Phase #5. Post-production: Edition

After the shooting they was training to develop the post-producción and to design the strategies to promote the Web Series.


Phase #6. Release

After two of hard work, teens were finally ready to release their work.

kdm;) tv Trailer from kdm;) La Web Serie.

Phase #7. Last, but not the end: Independence to a self teens production company

At the end of the project, the young participants gained entrepreneurial skills and created their own film company: Arsomnia Productions.

You can watch all episodes of “kdm;)” on Vimeo Channel.




El Culebron del Barri

Dynamic narrative Web Series produced by teenagers.

El Culebron del Barri”(Melodrama in the Neighborhood) is an educational project promoted by the Barcelona City Council where more than 100 teenagers were cast by the Colectivo Piloto to participate in the shooting, and learned the craft of filmmaking from both behind and in front of the camera.

I consider to mention that “El Culebron del Barri” was a really important precedent for kdm;), a similar educational project that I designed and lead a year after I done with this. For this reason I recommend to read about kdm;) as an educational project here, to understand better the whole experience about these kind of projects I developed.

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The audiovisual results of “El Culebron del Barri” have to be understand as a product of an educational process instead a commercial series. But “El Culebron del Barri” also revealed some authentic young talents; script writers, sound engineers and actors, among others. The commitment of these inexperienced teenagers was astonishing and resulted in a very enriching experience for them. They ended up creating a comical, but also very professional story that was screened in small theaters and community centers of the city of Barcelona.


This is one of the episodes of “El Culebron del Barri” on Myspace. (You can watch all the episodes of “El Culebron” from here).

This project captured the attention of the media and became a model to follow for a new generation of motivated and entrepreneurial youth looking to have their voices heard in the audiovisual field.


Watch all episodes of “El Culebron del Barri” on My Space.

Branding and Graphic Design for kmd;) Web Series

kdm;) is a humorous Web Series produced by teenagers and broadcasted online.

I conducted the branding process for this educational project, working in the concept and the graphic design.

kdm;) was an educational project designed by Colectivo Piloto and sponsored by the Barcelona City Council, where more than seventy teens have been selected to learn the craft of filmmaking, from pre-production to post-production. Through a series of workshops, they were given the necessary tools to produce “kdm;)”. The project was developed between 2009 and 2012.


The idea was to design something easily understandable for young people. The contraction ‘kdm’ is a commonly messaging term used by teens in Spain, something like: We hang out?

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Website Graphic & Concept

This is the mockup for kdm;) website Casting application. The graphic should reflect an educational project, but at the same time it had to be sufficiently attractive to youth audiences.


Graphic Materials

In all the communication materials I used circular structure. This shape communicates one of the most important points within the youth community: the desire to be accepted and included in the group.

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I also design this circular model for teens to find an easy way to write the Web Series´ storytelling:


You can learn more about kdm;) as an Educational Project in this interesting post.